*DISCLAIMER/PSA::  If you have never seen the 1987 film "North Shore,"
you really, really need to.

In the summer of 2012, I entered an art show/contest with Mrs. Melissa Sullivan, a talented designer and one of my oldest friends. The contest, called SHRED (Show For Hampton Roads Excellence In Design), was part of the East Coast Surfing Championship in Virginia Beach, VA and it required us to design a surfboard. We based ours on the single greatest movie of all time (prove me wrong), North Shore.

Sadly, we did not win the contest. But as the night went on, we were told there was also a film festival in tandem with the art show and the first film was North Shore.

And if that wasn’t enough to cheer us up, upon entering the theater, we were greeted by the film’s lead actors/fan favorites: Gregory Harrison (“Chandler”) and John Philbin (“Turtle”), both of whom requested prints of our art.

It was a North Shore miracle.