*DISCLAIMER/PSA::  If you have never seen the 1987 film "North Shore," cease any and all current activity and go watch it.  You will be SO glad you did and you will love this post even more.  It's cool. I can wait...

In the summer of 2012, I came across an art contest called SHRED (SHOW FOR HAMPTON ROADS EXCELLENCE IN DESIGN).  My initial hunch told me this was a "surf-y" themed art contest and after some quick investigating, I found my hunch was correct!  For reasons unknown, though divine providence is highly likely, the very first thought that came into my head was to "create the most gnarly and oh-so-righteous tribute to the film North Shore."  I knew in my heart what must be done...

My first course of action was to find an artist.  And not just any artist - the BEST artist I knew of and have ever had the distinct privilege of working with.  I chose Mrs. Melissa Sullivan.  Melissa is one of my oldest friends, a tremendous designer, and most importantly, an AVID North Shore fan.  With my creative direction and her art direction, we would be UNSTOPPABLE!!  Or at least we would have a fun time.

In a few days, our design was completed.  We submitted our work and in 2 days, our board was on the website and up for voting on the SHRED Facebook Page, as the winner would be decided by overall "likes" on Facebook.  

Alas, as fate would have it, we did NOT receive the most likes.

*Moment of silence(profuse weeping)...

But save your tears reader!!  For we did not lose on this day!  As fate would have it, SHRED was actually planned to go off right around the annual East Coast Surfing Championship, a Virginia Beach tradition with one new tradition: The X Life Film Festival - a film festival dedicated to extreme sports.  And wouldn't you know it that the opening night movie of this festival would be none other than North Shore.

The day of the movie premier, one day after the art contest, we received an email informing us that the film's director, William Phelps, would be present.  As we entered the theater, we were soon disappointed to find that Mr. Phelps would not be there...but the films 2 leading characters and fan favorites WERE THERE!!  


While we may have lost the art contest, we were the clear-cut winners when both Gregory Harrison (Chandler) and John Philbin (Turtle) autographed our boards and then each personally requested a reprint of our art.

And that is what we call a "North Shore Miracle".