Battle For Transbordoria

The future is...complicated.

What the?!?

The future is here and it's more dystopian than the "Teen Romance/Science Fiction" section of a bookstore in 2009.
Economic collapse, technological failure, and bitter wars have destroyed nearly everything of the world we once knew - but not everyone.

Four factions. One board. Hilarity, battle, and frustrations await you.

Who the?!?

Four factions engage in glorious battle by stockpiling resources, assembling armies, and mounting an attack.

The Corporation and The Anarchists. A "greater powers" tale as old as grunge.

Who the, cont.?!?

Don't get too comfortable. Just when things appear to be going well, you'll find "greater powers" are always at work.

How the?!?

For an in-depth look at how to play, check out the perilous board and deceptively inviting rules page, below. 

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Art Director: Katie Paxton
Experience Designer: Joelle Halle
Experience Designer: Zak Vono