Rolling Stone

There’s no shortage of outlets to get your news from. And one thing we know about news today is that where you hear it matters. Fortunately, one outlet was founded with a slant towards stepping out, created by the generation of such inventions as sticking it to the man and embracing new sounds and lifestyles.

Rolling Stone was about discovery then and now, whether in music or social topics. And just as music is so much more than stringing together notes, chords, and melodies, so this news source has proven to be more than music, too.

And while you may hear similar stories on other outlets,
these won’t sound like they come from a stuffy dude in a suit and tie.





New York City’s subways are no strangers to musicians. Rolling Stone will capitalize on this by offering these traveling players a chance to make more than music. Partnering with local homeless shelters, Rolling Stone will fund and launch a humanitarian campaign that converts beats into beds for the homeless, leaving participants and listeners with a one of a kind experience and something greater for those in need.