Out of Home

Some of my favorite campaigns aren’t ads - at least not in the traditional sense. And I personally think the OOH category lends itself to this notion perfectly.

Here are a few concepts I’ve been able to make which follow suit to that thinking.


Yeti Tumblers
Never Lukewarm

Scalding hot or frigidly cold, a Yeti is quite effective at doing either, singularly. To hammer home this tagline, Yeti will erect a facade of its beloved tumbler around a classic NYC water tower while footing the bill for new tenant’s hot water for a limited time.

OOH mockup.jpg

Wavestorm Surfboards
If you can stand,
you can surf.

Alright, it might not be exactly as easy as that tagline, but these boards make a world of difference in stability, making them the perfect board to learn on. Just stand up. And what better place is there for people to show off their standing skills than an airport moving sidewalk, outfitted with vinyl skins of the beloved boards and a brand message.

*Copy for each board on the moving sidewalk.

*Copy for each board on the moving sidewalk.