Dots are one contentious candy. On the one hand, people hate them, Meanwhile, true believers think Dots are the single, most pure thing on the planet. It’s a lot like an age-old “Montegue vs. Capulet” feud which makes for some hilarious online review reading.

Whichever allegiance you choose in the battle, there is one thing that neither party can deny:
The nearly non-existent calorie count, gluten free, and kosher ingredients make them pretty impressively simple.
So simple, it’s kind of stupid.



Dotshot Box Mockup.png

The DotShot

It’s all fun and games until someone turns the box into a peace keeping gumdrop crossbow (then it becomes high stakes fun and games). The Dotshot simply requires a rubber band and attention to the instructions to fold in both side perforated sides to turn the box into a fun, fast-shooting, weapon of tastiness.


Movie Theater.png

Snapchat AR Filter

People love movies. People even love previews for movies. But one thing people do not love is the stupid ads before the previews that must be endured in order to get a good seat. To help pass the time, Dots will launch an in-theater ad for people to interact with on Snapchat. The ads will feature movie trivia and a connect the Dots game to drop a hint on the right answer. Further integrations would allow people to share their answers online and earn prizes or more Dots at the theater lobby.