Many beers speak of the passion and heartfelt inspiration that goes into their brewing and brand identity...They've got nothing on this.

In June 2013, my best friend since 5th grade, Ben Cherry, was finally getting hitched (to the most lovely of brides, Andrea Azuaje). As the wedding day drew near, I was approached by our mutual friend and competent micro-brewer who was contracted to craft two special brews just for the occasion.  He secretly wanted to turn them into a wedding present by producing custom made labels that would perfectly compliment the bride and groom's unique identities.

We enlisted the help of our graphic design friend, Melissa, and developed a name and look that told their story of falling in love in Chile - Cereza Cerveza (Spanish for "Cherry Beer").

Each brew was chosen to uniquely represent the couple in two crowd-pleasing styles: A Red Ale ("Ginger's Ale") for Ben's red hair and an IPA (SeñoritaIPA) which was a playful nod to the Spanish language.

I loved working on this project. It was so fulfilling because it was so personal and this has taught me that effective Copywriting and concepts are best when they're personal. It means something. It gives people a reason to care.

As guests, we could have drank Heineken or Sam Adams (and would happily have), but instead we were able to engage in a token of someone's story and felt like we were now part of it.


To the bride
and groom.