Sky's the Limit

Perspective can change anything.

I've often used an analogy in conversations that the Mona Lisa looks an awful lot like a big blot of smudge when you're standing up against, staring furiously into the oil adorned fibers  (assuming Le Louvre security has taken the day off and you can, by some miracle, get right up on it).  Stepping back allows the eyes to survey and find one of the most complex pieces in history.

To take my own analogous advice, I recently changed my perspective.  I was burying my face into a dilemma that seemed to capture all my attentions and eventually become the priority in all I did.  I stepped back.  Twice.  Three times.  Almost immediately, I felt a humorous frustration at how I had let something so small become so overwhelming.  My priorities quickly became clear and an action ensued.  End result - I moved to Raleigh, NC.

Analogies aside, I've started anew and simply haven't felt this good in quite a while, occasionally wishing I had done this sooner.  I'm doing more of what I love, finally living in the same city as the one I love, and am learning new things daily.

I've had a scheduled task programmed into my iCalendar for sometime now that reminds me every evening to commit to one or more of the following on that night: Read something, make something, learn something, do something - all encompassed under the umbrella notification at  6PM as "Sky's the limit."  It may seem ridiculous to some to have to actually think about and be reminded of doing such a thing, but I wanted to be fully intentional about growing as a creative.  And as I drove into the downtown skyline a week ago, right at 6, I no longer read those words but gained an understanding of them.  Which I believe some etymologist somewhere would say "That's how they got the word inspired."